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Syneron is a leading global aesthetic device company which markets its products in 86 countries.

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What is Syneron web site role in the customer purchasing journey?

What story should be told by every landing page?

What is the coming-back experience?


  • Discovery the customer decision process during their unique purchasing journeys

  • Direct the right experience and site story from every landing entrance

  • Plant the micro-conversions for better analytics



Lots of user-context, lots of directions

  • Rich mega menu

  • Active & customized menu content

  • Horizontal & vertical navigations


The right page story

Read the page and tell the story:

  • Every page should have a well defined story that matches the user context and needs

  • Every page story should match the whole site surfing experience

  • Every story should end up by calling the user to continue the story in matching pages


Tone of voice
The tone is much more powerful than the content

  • Be precise and professional

  • Provide valuable information

  • Be someone people will want to listen to

  • Business specific jargon


Home Page
Starting page with doors for every possible need

  • Attend big customers, new clinics as well as the end patients

  • Welcome back mechanism with recent personal journeys

  • Global sites customized for every language, culture and supported content



The Customer Portal

Match customer's daily needs

The portal supports Syneron users during their daily tasks in the clinic:

  • Disposables shop

  • On-demand clinical training | Online learning modules | Educational webinars

  • Customised marketing materials