BetterPlace, a brave company that built an electric car network to provide sustainable transportation, energy independence and freedom from oil.



A whole new driving experience.

How to migrate and support the driver in the new electric car driving experience? (battery, charging, switching)


Novia designed 7 unique global experiences including:

  • Renault driver dashboard
  • Battery switching experience
  • Command & Control centers
  • Cross platform common language

Renault Driver Dashboard

Support the new driving experiences:

  • Managing the 100 KM battery range
  • Smart navigation
  • Charging and Battery Switching
  • Enriched media and driving experience

Control Room
Situation Dashboard

How the customers use the grid: 

  • Driver's activities
  • Monitor Charging & Battery Switching
  • Assets health control

Battery Switch Station
Unmanned Experience

  • Driver experience while switching a battery alone in the station
  • Better Place remote control and customer assistance

Service Level Manager
Assets Management

  • Monitor, analyze and handle Charge-Spots, Home-Spots & Parking lots
  • Aggregate data from all sources, display it in a meaningful ways and be solution driven

Common Language

How to enable conversations between user with different applications? 

"The driver sees on his car dashboard a charge spot in the street. It is not providing service and therefor it is grey. She calls the Customer Support who sees the charge spot as Grey? Red?"
How could they communicate?

We have designed and maintained the Common Language palette which enabled such conversations.